Announcing the Vega Token Sale on CoinList

  • Option 1: $5.00 per token, 12 month lockup with a 12-month release period thereafter, $1,000 maximum
  • Option 2: $10.00 per token, 6-month lockup with a 6-month release period thereafter, $2,500 maximum
  • Option 3: $15.00 per token, freely trading after a 90-day lockup, $10,000 maximum

Web3’s native derivatives layer

  1. Permissionless Market Creation — Active markets on Vega are determined by token holders through governance voting. Proposals to create, alter, or remove markets can be submitted to the network by anybody in the world. The community of token holders will collectively exercise control over whether proposals are approved or not. Designing safe and secure markets requires careful analysis, as well as collaboration with liquidity providers. Vega gives the power to network stakeholders to ensure the markets they need are prioritized and created.
  2. Staking Validators — The Vega blockchain implements delegated proof-of-stake to achieve consensus. The network consists of validator nodes, which collectively operate markets by running the Vega software. The network is secured through staking, where token holders choose the validators they want to operate the network by delegating tokens to them. Trading fees are distributed to validators, token holders and liquidity providers as a reward for securing and operating the network.
  3. Governing the Network and Markets — Important network functionality is controlled by governance voting. For example, the number of block confirmations before deposits are credited, or participation thresholds to vote for new markets. Token holders play a crucial role in ensuring the Vega network operates a safe and secure environment for decentralised trading at all times.

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