1. Aurora fees are up to 1,000 times lower than Ethereum’s. For example, the cost of passing the ERC-20 token is less than $0.01, while for Ethereum (at 50 Gwei and the ETH price of $3,000), it is about $5.40.
  2. Aurora can store thousands of transactions per second, up 50 times from Ethereum 1.0.
  3. The finality of the Aurora transaction inherits from the basic NEAR Protocol, i.e. two NEAR blocks, or about two seconds — significantly lower than the single block confirmation time of 13 seconds in Ethereum (not enough for the transaction confirmation time). In addition, the rapid finishing of the NEAR blockchain significantly reduces the risk of pre-attack.
  4. Ecosystem growth on Aurora is testament to the future: the sharding approach of the BASIC NEAR Protocol provides horizontal EVM scalability, with asymless communication between multiple Aurora pieces.
  5. Aurora offers a greener option for Ethereum users: full, non-binding Ethereum compatibility on the foundation of the decentralized and climate-neutral Proof-of-Stake L1 NEAR Protocol. Aurora solves the current and future computing challenges of the Ethereum ecosystem, while maintaining existing technical investments in both smart contracts and ERP codes.

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