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What is Bit.Country

The main idea of Bit.Country is the opportunity for everyone to build its own community, where bit country owners can set their own rules and formats and bring or create its own token to incentivize followers and contributors. will exist in two dimensions. Traditional web view will serve for content creation and for the management goals as a portal for governance, residency, staking, services, marketplace, and more. Additional 3D View will be effective for running events and interacting with the Bit.Country world in a futuristic, “physicalized” way.

Bit.Country is a new level of social interaction, that includes 2D social media (like Twitter or Subsocial) and 3D gaming platform (like Decentraland) with VR visualisation in the future. It will allow users to have its own NFT galleries with marketplaces, tokens and community governance.

Bit.Country Structure

The place where you build your bit country is Continuum. Continuum is a map of bit countries with a limited number of coordinates. Its future shape will be completely driven by the community members.

All bit countries will be placed in the Continuum and the base element of bit country is a block with a coordinate on a bit country’s map. Block presents an essence of the community and carries a community content. Space of the block can be subdivided into sections that can be independently owned and traded. In these sections, the landlord can place assets to provide services, display NFTs, and run events.

Each block will have 3D view visualization and can be customized by the landlord. To make the block a pleasant place the owner can use pre-determined block themes, provided by platform or third-party users, set the textures and images used for style the ground or wall, choose size or shape of the block.

Each block has a topic and the content inserted into this block should correspond to it. Users can visit blocks-neighbours so it is reasonable to place similar topics next to each other.

New blocks can be acquired through the auction. Good Neighbourhood Protocol shapes the Continuum with bit countries. It allows existing block owners to decide what neighbours they would like to have. Nice video below demonstrates this in the most clear way.

Tokens, NFTs and Marketplaces

Landlord can create or import his own currency to incentivize people to contribute to the community. This currency can be spent by community members to buy assets, to pay for services or even to participate in community governance. Incentive rules are set by the landowner and can be performed in a huge variety of forms (content creating, holding events, shares, etc).

Essential component of bit countries is NFTs. On the platform users can mint their own or joint with other users collections, NFTs can be exhibited inside the virtual world in special galleries. NFTs can be traded on the marketplace — a decentralized auction platform. Promotion of the digital assets will be provided by several mechanisms: for example , NFT owners can display it on advertizable slots and launch a token airdrop next to it or they can attach NFT to smart assets, which have attractive activities.

Behind the Bit.Сountry platform.

Bit.Сountry is a Substrate-based parachain with custom pallets to support its use cases.

Bit.Country is a founding member of Substrate Runtime Developer Academy

The team has received Web3 Foundation Open Grant and recently reported about the successful completion of their first grant milestone. Now it is building a public testnet.

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator (joint venture by three premier organizations on the UC Berkeley campus — Berkeley Engineering, the Berkeley Haas School of Business and Blockchain at Berkeley) included Bit.Country in 2021 Cohort among other 21 projects.

Platform token

Native chain currency BCG (Bit.Country Gold). BCG has the utility as following:

  • Staking
  • Universal currency for purchasing resources
  • Promotions
  • Gas fee for transactions

Platform Token Allocation

The platform has opened an Ambassador program, you can apply here. If you are interested in early access you can request it by filling in the form.

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