The ‘First Life’ on Genpad — MOZIK

Mozik — Building the world’s largest music NFT platform 🎵

Mozik has received the largest-ever grant in history from Tezos 🔥

Introducing Mozik

Mozik looks to tackle issues in the Music Industry

Mozik seeks to utilize blockchain to help increase efficiencies in the online music industry, improve transparency and reduce transaction costs.

Key highlights

Key Token Metrics for MOZIK

Key Social Channels

Stay up to date with Mozik 📺

Whitelist process for the MOZIK PreIDO

📌 ELIGIBILITY : The whitelist draw for the pre-IDO launch will be open to these categories of investors

📌 NOTE FOR PARTICIPANTS — Joining an Access Club steps up your odds to get a slot in the PreIDO significantly . You can find the steps required to join here :

📌 NEXT STEPS : The next steps for each investor type is as follows

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