The ‘First Life’ on Genpad — MOZIK

Genesis — ‘The First Life’ : Day 7/7

So we are on the Day 7 of Genesis, and the wait is finally over !

Delighted to announce the first project on Genpad -

Mozik — Building the world’s largest music NFT platform 🎵

Mozik has received the largest-ever grant in history from Tezos 🔥

MOZIK (MOZ) seeks to create a global online music platform based on blockchain, build everyone’s bridge to the world of music and let music inspire dreams to create value.

By using blockchain, Mozik aims to help cultural and creative content platforms and network we-media realize monetization of flow, to bolster IP value growth and content innovation, and achieve a diversified cultural and creative ecology.

Introducing Mozik

The First-Ever PreIDO Launch on Genpad !

Mozik looks to tackle issues in the Music Industry

Mozik seeks to utilize blockchain to help increase efficiencies in the online music industry, improve transparency and reduce transaction costs.

1. Copyright protection — Mozik decentralizes copyrights through the blockchain using NFTs, which can be used for copyright confirmation and infringement monitoring

2. Trading of music derivatives — These decentralized IPs can be traded, creating a derivatives market around it

3. Integration of music and capital — By issuing a token asset for IP, innovative financing methods become available

Key highlights

Key highlights

Key Token Metrics for MOZIK

Key Token Metrics

Detailed metrics will be shared in a GS Research Report with the community

Key Social Channels

Stay up to date with Mozik 📺

Whitelist process for the MOZIK PreIDO

📌 ELIGIBILITY : The whitelist draw for the pre-IDO launch will be open to these categories of investors

1 — GenAccess Club members ( Eligible $GS holders ) ♣️

2 — Non-Access Club members (Open Community) 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦

3 — Special entry slots 🎁

  • $GS GenTicket Holders
  • $GS Token Top Hodlers

Details on eligibility criteria was shared in yesterday’s post — please go through this in detail

📌 NOTE FOR PARTICIPANTS — Joining an Access Club steps up your odds to get a slot in the PreIDO significantly . You can find the steps required to join here :

The first token snapshot for deciding Access Club status will be taken 12hours from the time of this announcement.

📌 NEXT STEPS : The next steps for each investor type is as follows

Depending on the category you fall into (details shared above), the next steps for you would be as follows :

GenAccess Club members — An exclusive whitelist form for each Access Club (Black / Gold / Pink / White) will be shared within the Club’s TG Group

Non-Access Club members — The whitelist form for the open community can be found here — < LINK HERE>

$GS GenTicket Holders — The whitelist form for the $GS GenTicket holders can be found here — <LINK HERE>

$GS Token Top Hodlers — Top hodler wallet addresses will be automatically eligible for allocations (after weeding out bots/company addresses) — you will just need to register using the form shared in the Gen Access Black Club

Note that all whitelist forms will close at 2PM on 5May2021 (Wednesday).

. . .

7 Days of Genesis come to and end — but this is only the beginning ! 🔥

Thanks a ton to our community for supporting us all the way — come join us on this next leg of our journey !

Join Us!

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